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Sorta Kinda Friends Only

Oct. 6th, 2020 | 12:00 am

I figured I should put up one of these in case people think all I use my LJ for is to post LOL links!

This journal is mostly friends only - comment and I might think about adding you :) Please don't be insulted if I don't, because honestly unless you like to read whining and self-absorbed plans you're not missing out on a whole lot anyway! If you're curious about me but don't know me that well, you can always read my less personal (and less whiny) stuff over at my public blog, ChiGarden, follow me on Twitter, take a look at my photos on Flickr or my attempts at art over at my deviantart gallery.

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Happy things

Nov. 16th, 2010 | 11:49 am

I was going to rant, but decided this would be more therapeutic - and will probably make more sense to people than complaining about work stuff. So, happy things about today:
  • It isn't raining, but isn't oppressively hot either. In fact, it's perfect spring weather today. This makes today automatically better than pretty much the past 2 weeks. I might go for a walk later.
  • A lovely client just approved my design, and seemed very happy and excited about it.
  • It's almost lunch time, and I have awesome leftovers to eat.
  • I was actually on time for my doctor's appointment, and my doctor actually saw me on time.
  • Although I could probably use the money from the last minute job that got canceled, it makes this week considerably less hectic. Especially as I was trying to cram a few weeks worth of work into one as it was.
  • Went all out at the group fitness thing I'm doing last night, and only feeling slightly wobbly today. Trainer says my running has improved dramatically.
  • Last night's cricket kill count of 6 is far less than previous nights, which makes me hopefully that it will continue in this trend tonight. Yes, there is a plague of crickets in my apartment, but I'm trying to focus on the positive here.
  • My tomato plant continues to grow at a rate of a few centimeters each day. If height is directly proportional to fruitfulness, I should have tons of homegrown cherry tomatoes in the next month or so!
How is everyone's day going?

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Aug. 15th, 2010 | 01:23 pm

Just a quick heads up that myself, ~cwutieangel and *Risachantag will be selling our stuff at Manifest next week! I'll be sharing the table with *Risachantag on Friday and with ~cwutieangel on Saturday, so please drop by and say hello :) All my stuff will be roughly half the price of what I sell it for at handmade markets and online (if I ever get around to launching my store), so if you're after some cute handmade accessories make sure you come along for the special convention pricing! We'll be at stall 2 on this map: [link]

I will have Sunday free to mess around the convention, and I'm really hoping to get some more photos of fabulous cosplayers. If you're a cosplayer or are planning on wearing some interesting fashion (lolita, steampunk, jrock etc) I'd love to get a few quick pictures so please get in touch! You can see the photos from a Hetalia photoshoot I shot in recently with ~cwutieangel, =valiantsTALE and Richie over on Flickr [link] and a few in my gallery.

Hope to see you guys there!

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Need some wig help!

Jan. 25th, 2010 | 10:41 pm

Hey guys, I know I've been totally slack with posting on LJ and with commenting on things =/

Anyway, I've been posting on a WA wedding forum and one of the people posted a thread asking about getting a wig styled in an updo appropriate for a wedding as she has a condition that leaves her bald. I mentioned that it's possible to buy custom cosplay wigs online, figuring that if cosplayers can do crazy hairstyles then someone can handle a simple bridal hairdo! She's interested but I don't actually know any reputable places to get a wig commission. I want to help this girl cos everyone deserves to feel beautiful on their wedding day :)

I know it's probably a long shot since you all do your own wigs and probably don't have time for commissions, but if you know anyone who does them please let me know and I'll pass on the details.

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Getting Hitched

Dec. 20th, 2009 | 09:04 am

Totally forgot to post here - I'm engaged :D Jeff proposed while we were in Hamilton Island, and now we're in Perth for a couple of weeks over Christmas. I can't adequately communicate how happy I am, but I think people get the picture when they talk to me XD It's going to be a longish engagement because we have another year in Canberra and definitely want to get married in Perth, so it'll have to wait until we move back. I've started planning things already because I'm a dork like that!

It feels like I'm only in Perth for a short amount of time, even though I'll be here for over 2 weeks! I'm pretty much free in the few days left before Christmas and then until NYE, so if anyone has time to catch up around then let's organise something!

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